About RV Rental Connection

About RV Rental Connection

Our History

Founded January 17, 2012 in Chico, CA. RV Rental Connection, Inc. is a community of families and friends who enjoy or want to enjoy traveling in an RV or motorhome owned or rented from someone else. The company entered the market with an RV blog in 2016 and has quickly grown to become a well recognized brand and RV Rental Website marketplace with a world-wide audience. We hope you will join us and see why we have earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Core Values

Create Value
Develop and Implement Solutions
Give Kind Assistance
Exemplify Trustworthiness
Uphold Morale and Harmony

Our Mission Statement

RV Rental Connection brings RV owners and renters together. We are a popular RV rental gateway for RV owners and travelers to meet and conduct business so that all can enjoy the freedom the RV rental industry brings. We provide genuine, original high-quality content while delivering top-notch customer service and support to all with whom we interact with.

Our Direction

Helping people like you share the RV lifestyle

At RV Rental Connection, we put your success first because we know your success means our success. We are here to help your RV Rental Business prosper and reach new heights of achievement. 

We pride ourselves on not taking commissions from every rental you make. We don't meddle in your RV Rental Business by holding your security deposits or controlling your transactions, bookings or paperwork. We will assist you in every aspect of your business, from resources for forms, contracts, credit card processors, RV Rental Insurance, and more, and we don't expect you to give us a cut of your rental income every time your RV hits the road (like the other websites do). Our members get perks like having their RV's rotated on our social media channels on a regular basis and free assistance with ad and logo creation.

Our business model is a simple, no contract, $10 monthly fee, and for new members, there is always a free trial period. We are always here for you. We answer our phones and emails and treat our members like family. If your RV made $30,000 extra income for you in one year, wouldn't you rather pay $120 annually to advertise your RV than pay a website $7,500? Doing the math makes choosing RV Rental Connection the easy choice for your RV rental Market place. And we never charge our renters a fee to book with our members. 

In addition, we have a passion for adventure. Our company is comprised of ambitious individuals who enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations.

If you share a common interest and would like to join our team, even if it’s just by supporting our blog with stories that would benefit the community, please Contact Us. We’d like to hear from you and our door is always open.


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