About RV Rental Connection

About RV Rental Connection

We're Changing the RV Rental Marketplace

RV Rental Connection is changing the Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Marketplace. We are the first and only subscription-based website for RV Rental Marketing and Advertising. We are also the only RV Rental Website that is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau for upholding the BBB truth in advertising standards.

What does all that mean for RV Owners and RV Renters?

For the RV owner, by paying a small monthly subscription rate of $14.95 instead of paying a commission fee every time you rent your RV, You keep thousands of dollars for yourself and your family. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your subscription. If within 12 months after you have begun to pay your monthly fee, you did not make one rental from the renter inquiries from our website, we will refund all 12 months of your paid subcription to you. No other RV rental website market place offers a money back guarantee.

With RV Rental Connection, if you advertised with us for an entire year, it would cost only $180 to keep your RV advertised to our world-wide audience. Other RV rental websites charge between 15-25% commissions on every RV rental you make. In other words if you make $30,000 in rental income in one year, you could pay between $4,500 and $7,500 (or more) per year to the other RV rental websites on the internet. But that’s not all they take from RV Owners. Many of the other RV rental websites also charge a commission on (keep a percentage of) any of the extra income you make on items like:

  • Dump fees
  • Linen Packages
  • Kitchen Packages
  • Delivery Fees
  • Extra Mileage
  • Extra Generator Hours

We don’t think taking so much of your income is fair. So we don’t do it. Our business model of only paying a small monthly subscription fee ($14.95) for our services allows you to keep all of the income you make on your RV Rentals. Our goal is to empower RV Owners with the tools they need to run a successful RV Rental business to help them meet their financial goals. We don’t meddle in your transactions and we don’t meddle in your RV Rental business. We believe, if we do everything in our power to help RV owners succeed, then their success means our success.

For the RV Renter, this means, you also pay no fees to use our website. On our site, you shop for the RV you want, contact the owner and the two of you take it from there; nothing more. It’s that simple.

We are all about creating value for our RV Owners and Renters. Our RV Business Tips section is filled with articles that empower RV owners on their journey to fine tune their personal rental business. Our RV Adventure Blog features valuable information for RV renters on great destinations and where to stay once you get there.

RV Owners that list their RV’s for rent on our website get so many free perks with their accounts, including:

  • Free RV Listing Creation and Upload
  • Free Google Advertising for RV’s in your State and Local Area
  • Free Video Tours of Each RV Unit Posted to Our You Tube Channel
  • Free and Continuous Postings of Each RV Rental Unit on our Social Media Channels
  • Free and Responsive Customer Service and Technical Support

For us, it’s all about creating value for all of our users, RV Owners and RV Renters alike. If you ever have questions, just give us a call any time or contact us through the website.

And if you find that you don't like our services, cancelling your subscription is super easy. No cancellation fees, no contracts, just let us know, and your subscription will end at the end of the current business cycle. Listing an RV for rent has never been easier.

Our History

RV Rental Connection, Inc. is a community of families and friends who enjoy or want to enjoy traveling in an RV or motorhome owned or rented from someone else. The company entered the market with an RV blog in 2016 and launched it's RV Rental Marketplace website on November 4, 2016.

Our Core Values

Create Value
Develop & Implement Solutions
Give Kind Assistance
Exemplify Trustworthiness
Uphold Morale and Harmony

Our Vision

To make the world a better place by contributing to the well-being of all who use our services.

Our Mission

RV Rental Connection brings private RV owners and renters together through a unique RV rental marketplace. We are a full-service gateway for RV travelers, RV owners and RV advertisers, providing genuine, original high-quality content while delivering top-notch customer service and support to all with whom we interact.

RV Rental Connection, Inc. is a Purpose Driven Company.

Our calling is far more significant than earning big commissions and skimming percentages from our RV Owners' transactions. There is no room for commissions and percentages in our business model.

Our calling is about creating value for others by enriching RV Owners' and RV Renters' lives through every means available to us. Our achievements and motivations are measured solely by the smiles and lasting memories we help others create, not by a bottom line.

We believe, if we can help others get back to nature, experience our beautiful National Parks, reconnect with family and friends while helping them create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, then we have impacted the lives of others in a significant way, which just might help make the world a better place. If we can empower RV Owners to share the gift of the RV lifestyle with others and help them defray the cost of owning their RV and improve their lives, then it's a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Our RV Owners who list their RV’s with us have the opportunity to share in our vision, to make new friends with each individual and family they rent to, to become a significant part of the lives of others by helping them make lasting memories through experiences they might not normally get. It is our mission to contribute the the well-being and long-term success of others.

At RV Rental Connection, our company name is all about what we do. Connecting others in a positive way through RV Rentals.


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